The 5 Benefits of Babywearing

Do you have the upper body strength of a wilting daisy? Are you concerned you will be mistaken for a professional bodybuilder due to the growth in your biceps after carrying your toddler around all day? Do you have twins and no idea how to juggle life with only two hands? Fear not... babywearing is here to save the day!


1. Babywearing conceals any wardrobe challenge

Not sure what to wear? Wear your baby! Wearing your baby in a carrier is a great way to detract attention from that little bit of spit up on your shoulder or leaking nipples. Yes, sorry to disappoint you... but no amount of changing breast pads or burp towels will save you from the embarrassment of forgetting to check your clothes before popping out. Nobody is going to notice the extra bit of baby weight around your waist when you're styling the latest hands-free-must-have parent accessory.


2. Babywearing doubles as an excellent snack bag

Every new mother - especially when breastfeeding an insatiable little one - needs to eat!  When you wear your baby, you can rest assured that some of your food may land on the top of your baby’s head, but if you aim really well it may fall right into the upper pocket and serve as a quick on-the-go snack for later. 'Ain't nobody got time for' packed lunches while trying to keep a new little being alive! As an additional benefit to your baby: the closeness boosts milk production and you can discretely feed while out-and-about.


3. Babywearing keeps your baby safe

Everyone wants to cuddle and hold a newborn baby, but if you're not that into playing 'pass the parcel' with the precious bundle that took your body 10 long months to make... baby wear! I mean, what is worse than granny’s red lipstick on your baby’s sweet cheeks, your cousin's whooping cough... or that incessant smell of aunty's overbearing Chanel No. 5 perfume. If you’re wearing your baby, you have the perfect excuse: they're so snug and happy, who would dare snatch them away?


4. Babywearing promotes bonding and encourages attachment

If you’ve ever felt shy about public displays of affection, now is your chance to get over it! Your baby will be even more irresistible with their chest tucked closely up against you. You may just find yourself quite naturally inclined to kissing the top of a head, caressing little toes, and yes... even nibbling tiny earlobes! When you carry your baby close to you, they feel safe: they feel the warmth of your body, hear your breathing and recognise the sound of your voice. Babies are soothed by these sounds as they remember them from their time in the womb. These positive interactions deepen the mutual attachment between you.


5. Babywearing is practical and convenient

It allows you to get so much more done! You can enjoy the closeness with your baby while you go shopping, take the dog out for a walk or complete household tasks. Prams are great, however, a baby carrier allows you to go anywhere without having to lug a heavy pram around and free hands to fold it up. Wearing your baby like a second skin not only improves your daily sense of accomplishment, but it has been scientifically proven to increase their cognitive development and linguistic skills.

To ‘wrap’ it up and jokes aside... there is no such thing as spoiling your baby!  You will never regret holding, cuddling, or kissing them too much. Give them the love and attention they need when they’re babies and later on, their confidence and independence will shine through. Every time you carry your baby close to you, you reinforce its sense of security: supporting and encouraging them when it’s time to explore the world on their own.

What do you like best about babywearing? Please feel free to share your stories with us!

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