How to Hipporoo® 5-in-1

In an effort to reduce waste in line with our eco-sustainability goals, we do not provide a paper manual with our products. Rather, we offer step-by-step instructional videos as well as free consultations and ongoing support via video calls (WhatsApp and Skype). 

1.  Hip Seat as Feeding Support

Learn how to use the hip seat as a feeding/nursing support (0 - 6 months):


2. Prefer Rugby Hold? 

Simply adjust and move the seat to the desired position on your side.



3, 4, 5. How to Wear your Hipporoo®: 3 Ways with Hip Seat

Learn how to use your hip seat in the Stage 3 Toddler positions:

  • Hip Seat facing Inward (6 - 36 months)
  • Hip Seat facing Outward (6 - 36 months)
  • Hip Seat on the Side (6 - 24 months)